About Us

Our site Hitekstar.com is about designing socks that can cure your cracked heel and your entire foot. We have them available in a large arrange of designs, patterns, sizes, and assorted colors for Men or Women. These socks are designed to look trendy and maintaining with the most recent fashion. We market these socks ranging from light recovery, medium recovery, and advanced recovery. We do comprehensive testing to makes sure the sock you receive works as advertised Our socks dimensions for Women are from 5 to 9, and our men’s sizes are from 6 to 12.

What our wearers have said about our socks

Our Healing Solutions

Hitekstar uses a particular material for our socks. We stitch an anti-crack film in our socks to recover the cracked heels, remove calluses and the entire foot.

You can see the image below shows before and after, our socks can recover even the most severe heel and entire foot ailment.

You can also see we use organic herbal materials on our sock to optimize the healing process and at the same to take care of the environment.

As you can see from the image above with our sock turned inside out. You can see the material that is used for recovering the crack heels and the entire foot. In the middle image, you can see the normal skin fully locks in the moisture and refines the heel. If your heel and entire foot suffer from lipoatrophy the cushioning is decreased when moisture shrinks.